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Object Rotation Pivot Issue

Hello Shapespark Team,

We run into some problem regarding the object rotation feature. We manually aligned the pivot to the center of the ceiling fan (left), Shapespark doesn’t recognize the pivot update, and still use the original pivot (right) this is the original center pivot of the ceiling fan. Is there any way that the manually moved pivot will be the main pivot to correct the ceiling fan rotation?


Moving the pivot point in the 3D modeling program will not affect the rotation center. To workaround a limitation that Shapespark scene storage format doesn’t contain information about the pivot point, the rotation is implemented around the center of an object bounding box. Currently the only way to change the rotation center is to modify geometry, so the bounding box changes. I’m not sure if there is some sane way to achieve a correct rotation point for the fan. Perhaps if you enclosed the fan in a cylinder with center at the fan center, made a cylinder a child of the main fan object and then hide the cylinder in Shapespark this would do the job.

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Hi Jan,

Thank you for answering our concern :blush:. We did what you just said and it works! :100:
Also, just want to share what we did, we modify the fan and made it symmetrical. This way, the pivot is located on center since the shape and size is proportion on each side.


SHARE WEB LINK how to do that.


Hi @yagya ,

Below is my workflow as per Jan’s instructions. I’m using 3Ds Max in creating my models.
This workflow is for the asymmetrical ceiling fan like this, but if you have a symmetrical fan like I posted earlier, no need to do this procedure.


This is the final result. Hope this helps :blush:


Thank you for sharing