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Oculus quest2 not showing hands and can't select info

I’m a new user to be :). I got into shapespark for showing my clients my work in vr. Had a bad experience when entering the vr mode not beeing able to select info or see my hands. Is this something you can work at? Also maybe beeing able to upload my 3d model baked on my computer, so I can use it on the oculus imersive interaction or as an nft.
Waiting for your answer! Thank you!

Shapespark supports controller tracking but not hand tracking. Do you have Oculus Touch controllers? They would help in navigating the scene and interacting with extensions.

Not all the extensions are compatible with the VR mode. For example, the HTML label extension isn’t compatible, because the labels are rendered in the HTML layer not displayed in VR. If you need informative pop-ups in VR, you can add the pop-ups as 3D objects in your 3D modeling tool, and then use the Shapespark’s Switch objects extension to show/hide the pop-up:

Thank you for info. I have controlers, but I can’t see them in vr witch is so confusing. I discovered how to press an option. You basicaly have to see the center point of vision on it, then pres the trigger on the controler. Witch is kind of frustrating after using the controler:)) why doesn’t the controler have his trigger point? and as experience, not beeing able to see the controlers is kind of

Also, please answer… will shapespark be able to export as nft, for selling the virtual space we created?

Thank you!

By “export as nft” do you mean exporting to the glTF (GLB) format? We don’t have it in our short-term plans.