Offline walkthrough

Hey everyone,

We just finished an architectural walkthrough for a client. However, now we require a solution that can upload the file into the VR-headset to be viewed offline.

Currently, we are using an Oculus Quest 2. So far we mostly used the Oculus broweser to view the project online via shapespark.

Is there any way to save the file locally within the memory of the headset or are there any other solutions in place for presentations where there may be no internet around?

Shapespark scenes require HTTP server to serve them, so they cannot be downloaded and then opened in a browser from a set of local files.

One solution that comes to my mind is to use Oculus Quest not as a stand-alone headset, but as a headset attached to a laptop PC through the Oculus Link cable. In this scenario you would have Shapespark and your scene installed on the laptop. Having Shapespark desktop application running, you would open the desktop application in your local Chrome or Firefox web browser by navigating to http://localhost:5000 (Shapespark desktop application is a browser-based application; by default it is launched in the built-in browser, but you can use your regular web browser as well). If you then opened a scene you would be offered a VR button to use the connected Oculus Quest as a display device. The described process relies only on local applications and files - Internet access wouldn’t be necessary.

is it possible to build native app for mobiles - using the dataset?

Perhaps Cordova would allow to create a native app from a self hosting bundle, but I’m not aware of anyone trying this so far. We currently don’t have plans to support such native apps, so it is something that you would need to experiment with. If you decide to do so, it would be great if you could share your findings on the forum.

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I get immediate reference of 3D vista - they have the same structure and are offering apps.

Would you like to have a generic viewer application that would allow to download and run tours in offline mode, or rather a single tour to be an application that the user can install?

generic viewer with option to download locally should be good.

@jan - is it possible?

@Kumar_H currently we don’t have plans to develop such a generic mobile viewer application.

@jan - it is fine if you are not doing it, the question is if it is possible?

@Kumar_H developing a generic viewer by a third party is rather not be possible. Shapespark doesn’t have APIs for downloading scenes. Developing a scene specific viewer based on a self hosting bundle that Shapespark creates can be possible.

thanks @jan - that reply makes life of non-developers easy now. Thanks for the clarity.

@wojtek with this setup, is it possible to walk freely in VR just like with arrow keys on desktop mode?

Yes, it is. You will be able to move using the VR controllers by either teleporting with the index trigger, or to walk with the joystick/thumbstick.

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Hello, I believe this has changed where downloading a scene is possible now. Would this change anything?

please check this " Scenes Transformed into Standalone EXE and Android APK for Offline Exploration (Apartment Customization) - Showcase - Shapespark Community"