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One off coding project to make custom shapespark tour

Hi Guys

We see so many great ‘custom showcases’ on here where you’re creating unique interactions, customised buttons, branded interfaces way beyond the standard off-the-shelf options available through Shapespark etc. We would love to do this but none of us are coders, we can only model & render!

We wondered if there was anyone out there that could embed some custom code for 5 or 6 unique features that we have seen on other showcase tours into one of our demo models, and essentially show us how we might be able to repeat the process in the future ourselves.

This might not even be possible but we thought we’d throw it out there incase…



Bump!! Would love to have better guidance on how to approach customisation. @wojtek is it possible there might be more of a beginners guide to customisation.


Thanks for posting this bro, i’ve had similar thoughts ever since I discovered shapespark over a year ago. i really feel shapespark’s growth would skyrocket even further if customisation was something they’d focus on doing because ultimately everybody loves branded things so they can offer that service to their 3D clients which is always a great value add for 3D artists that’s creating all of these shapespark scenes.


Cheers mate. Ye if Shapespark could offer something then even better. In the meantime if there’s any techies out there reading this please reach out as we would love your help on a few projects

Fingers crossed something can be set up in the future for this…

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Unfortunately, we don’t have plans for a customization guide. Since Shapespark allows users to inject their own HTML and JavaScript code, there are so many directions for the customization, and so many different aesthetics styles one could apply, that it would be difficult to cover even a fraction of it. At this moment we believe it’s best to team up with a HTML+CSS+JavaScript programmer for customizations.

Hi @wojtek, I understand there are many routes and options, but based on the availability of programmers it is challenging for those of us who are small businesses without internal resource to even understand what is possible or more importantly how to specify what is required.

My question about a beginners guide is rooted in a complete lack of knowledge to even get started.

What we would like to do initially is customise the colour schemes, button shapes / positions etc, which make our clients experience in line with their brand.

This would also include replacing button elements like play / full screen etc, which are svg files and also fonts again to ensure the scenes are on brand for clients.

First & foremost we are a brand & 3d business, so what we present to a client should be on brand.

I can see lots of comments including yours and @jan on the forums that such customisation is relatively straightforward, however for the uninitiated in programming it is difficult to know where to begin.

The guide I ask about is more about the basic structure of elements we need to create / specific to Shapespark scenes.

For example the scene folder for each project does not have a style reference doc by default, (body-end.html file???) so I see we should create one if we want to style.

I can do some internet research to help me create this /learn html / css, however if I look at the developer tools in chrome on one of my scenes I see a lot of styling already applied to the scene through CSS.

Where is this coming from? (I have had a play and can change values etc in the browser to start seeing what is possible, but obviously this is just visible during my own browser session. How do I copy this info to my own file?

Or if I create a document with only some styling information in will it override all of the other style settings or replace what is currently there?

Perhaps from these basic examples you see where our confusion and blocker currently lies.

As a little help would it not be possible / helpful to provide the standard style document that I guess is being generated at launch on server,(?) so it can be easily put in the right place in the local scene folder structure and then we can learn through amending the elements needed to change.

I understand your focus is on the core provision of Shapespark, but if there is a way to provide your users with a leg up on less complex customisation options, (link to GIThub & snippets of messages in forum are not structured enough to follow for beginners) we are likely to be less demanding in requests for in built editor customisation and will sell more experiences which in our case would mean more client licences and meeting minutes sold for you as we want to hand the experience to the client to manage themselves.

Grateful as ever and Hoping…Njay


Hola a todos
Tengo 3 o mas años usando Shapespark y he tenido esta misma inquietud con respecto a coding, es una área de oportunidad y desearia que algún coder nos diera una mano al menos con una lista básica de acciones. Entiendo que las posibilidades son muchas pero yo no las necesito todas, poco a poco iré conociendo más, pero definitivamente no es mi campo y necesito guía.

Si encuentro un coder que me ayude y que se apunte conmigo a hacer una pequeña guía, les informaré para ver de que manera podemos hacer un curso grupo o reunión para aprender lo básico!


Hello everyone
I have 3 or more years using Shapespark and I have had this same concern regarding coding, it is an area of opportunity and I wish some coder could give us a hand at least with a basic list of actions. I understand that the possibilities are many but I don’t need them all, little by little I will learn more, but it is definitely not my field and I need guidance.

If I find a coder to help me and who will join me to make a small guide, I will inform you to see how we can make a group course or meeting to learn the basics!


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