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Online store (WIP)

Hello everyone,

I share a project still under development. Suggestions are welcome.

The client wants an online store to present their products. I chose not to put too many icons and let the triggers be the scene’s own objects. I would like you to tell me if the navigation is intuitive enough.

I would also like to know what would be your fees for a project like this.


a big problem I had when developing this project was that when I have a “change view” extension and change the “view” name later, I lose the trigger’s functionality because it can no longer find the old configured name. It would be a good addition to make the trigger change by changing the view name.

I really like the video texture!

The shop looks clean and it is easy to find what you are looking for. You could work with some color codes though to make it even easier.

Regarding the fees it depends where the contry of origin is. You probably would charge a higher fee in Germany than in China. You should consider the amount of work you need to finish this and multiply it with your hourly fee.

Hi @Rafael_Lamounier,

You are actually the first to run a online store using Shapespark.
I wish you success in this project (and nice earnings)!

You or someone else may find useful information about e-commerce platforms at the following links: