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Open PDF and keep inside Shapespark

We wish to present links to PDF’s within Shapespark and keep the display in Shapespark - not open in a new browser tab. Is this possible. We find we can do this with embedded Vimeo videos. Assuming a PDF can be displayed in Shapespark, is it possible to have control over it’s position? Assuming a Vimeo video is playing in top left, we wish to position a PDF upon open to be just below the vimeo video - a tile effect - so pieces of content do not cover and hide other pieces of content. Thank you. New customer.

Shapespark doesn’t directly implement a way to display videos or PDFs, but relies on browser capabilities to embed such content. I’m not sure if there is a way to embed PDFs that reliably works on all browsers without opening a document in a new window. You could try embedding PDF as an iframe, as described here:
but this discussion: suggests that such approach will still open a PDF in a new window in Safari.

Perhaps, as suggested here: , you could point an iframe to some service (this answer suggests Google docs), that will convert PDF to HTML?

The popus in Shapespark do not have any advanced layout capabilities. The popup is always positioned in the top left corner, if you open the second popup, the first one is closed.

Jan, Thank you very much for your response.