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Orbit view only model with smaller file size


Is there any way to “downgrade” the file size?
I only want the orbit view but my project is 130mb



In general, the main way to reducing the scene size is optimizing the geometry (by removing some objects or replacing them with low-poly alternatives) and decreasing the number of lightmaps (by using lower global lightmap resolution in the Bake tab or using Custom lightmap resolution for some large objects like terrain, surrounding buildings).

If you shared the link to the scene with us, we could give you more precise advice for this particular scene.


Since this is a 3D scan there is no easy way to reduce size by optimizing geometry. However, there are two ways how you could improve loading time:

  1. Don’t use lightmap. For 3D scan it does not change much visually, but it increases size. Please import the source model once again, but this time skip baking, and upload the unbaked model.
  2. Disable using GPU compressed textures. Please open the scene using the following URL: . GPU compressed textures increase scene size at the cost of lower memory consumption at view time. They are very important in case of complex multi-texture scenes and allow such scenes to fit in mobile device memory. However, your scene has rather low memory requirements, so disabling GPU compressed textures shouldn’t harm, but it will make the download size smaller.

Based on browser developer tools, doing these two things brings the download size down to ~10MB from ~60MB.