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Oven machine!? To bake your recipe 😉

Hi everybody, some of you have a time free PC to bake a scene? I have only one machine powerfull enough and I need it to work in others project so I need someone to bake for me!
I will send you the files vĂ­a Dropbox, you baked and send me back! ($.???)


Hi Jorge

I have got a free PC. Computer details: CPU I 9-9900, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070
If you think is powerful enough, send me some details on my email.


Thank you @oliverf and sorry I did not answer, I got a PC with a local friend and I could solve my need. I know I can count on you for another occasion. Thank you very much again.
BTW: what a machinwe you have!

Thanks Jorge
Let me know if I can help you

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