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Own Domain Name Set Up

Hi all,

Just a quick one about hosting with Shapespark but using our own URL for any uploaded scenes.

Ive tried to follow the procedure of doing with by adding the CNAME to our domain name, but not working at the moment. Im not sure if im still waiting for it to be configured properly or if ive set it up wrong? I am showing off a scene on Monday so hoping I can get it all set up for then!

Attached the images of the set up.

Also a link to one of my uploaded scenes that still shows the original URL:

Im assuming I dont need to reupload a scene and that any existing scene will also change the URL if set up correctly?

Many thanks,

There is a typo in the “Hostname” field of the CNAME record. The first label is burtonsbesoke, while it should be burtonsbespoke.

@wojtek - I shouldn’t work on the weekends! Many thanks, just updated. Ill wait for the server to update on my end, but other than that should everything be correct?

I have an example uploaded link at - when I type in should that then work?

Also, when I use the ‘virtual.domain’ as set up, its no longer a secure site. Is there a work around to this at all?

Many thanks again.

@darylburton, yes, everything else is correct, and indeed, your custom domain is working properly:

Custom domains support the secure HTTPS protocol. As with the domain when you open a scene using a custom domain URL, the server forces you to use HTTPS. The ‘Document not found’ error shown as an insecure site was transitional - the custom domain started to be recognized by Shapespark, but not yet connected to your account and scenes.

Thanks a lot, really great service as always!