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PAN movement on mobile devices


I wanted to know how to Pan camera while in orbit mode when on a touch device. If it’s not configured yet, is it possible to do some JSripting and enable this feature?

Thank you.

In the orbit mode you can pan the camera by dragging three fingers together.

Hello @wojtek,

I tried doing it but it doesn’t work for me. I am using OnePlus 5, andriod phone

Do you have another Android phone to test it on? Perhaps it’s something specific to your device… On all the phones we’ve tried so far dragging three fingers pans the camera in the orbit mode.

It was too difficult to PAN the model as three fingers in android are responsible for taking screenshots. Everytime I was touching my phone with three fingers, a new screenshot was being recorded. Is it possible to change this control by adding some JS in body-end.html file ? Maybe 2 fingers instead of three will work well.

@nishantambekar, unfortunately this setting cannot be configured with JavaScript, and two-finger touch is currently used for zooming in/out. If I understand correctly, three-finger screenshot is not turned on by default on Android, so for most mobile device users the three-finger pan gesture should be available.

Hello @wojtek,

Here in India, all android phones have this three fingers approach. I’m not sure about other country’s android functionality. I might be wrong, but all the phones I have used always had this three fingers screen shot approach.

Can we please change it somehow ? I know two fingers are used to zoom in/out. But if we observe, two finger pinch is being used to zoom. We can have two finger tap and drag approach to Pan the model in orbit mode.

How does this sound to you?

OK, then we’ll make the pan gesture require two fingers kept together horizontally. So, how the fingers are kept when the touch starts will differentiate between panning and zooming in/out.

Yes, that’ll be great. Would you be rolling out this change immediately ?

I think it will be released by the end of the next week.

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