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Part of the material turns black

A part of the counter in the attached image turns black.
image (3)

When placing in another project and importing
It was displayed correctly.

After repeating the import several times, it was displayed correctly

The material on the Shapespark side has not been edited.

It may or may not be displayed correctly.
What is the cause of the missing material?

The version of Shapspark is 2.3.6. Is there such a bug?

The CAD software used is ArchiCAD23, which imports FBX.

It looks like a problem with overlapping polygons or incorrect mesh normals.

Do you still have a version of this scene with the black counter? If so, could you share the scene link with us? If you could share the input FBX file as well, that’d be great too. (If the scene isn’t public please send the the link/FBX via PM or to

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I have experienced a very similar issue before - In my case, when the Double sided material is ticked the back face is always displayed as black. To resolve this I simply had to reverse/flip the faces that were an issue and reload the model back into Shapespark.

Hope this helps!

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