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Partial Scene Loading

Hi ShapeSpark Team,

Is it possible to have a setting for loading the scene experience in stages, rather than the whole thing at once?

With the new meeting features, I can see the desire for tours to be used across a lot more industries. As part of this, I can see scenes growing drastically in sizes for event spaces, trade shows and so forth.

Would it be possible for the shapespark team to look at loading a percentage of an area around the start point for example and load the rest in from there?

Shapespark has a progressive loader that can be enabled in the editor Viewer tab. It allows the user to start interacting with the scene after geometry is loaded but before textures are loaded. The progressive loader mode is enabled if a scene loads for longer than 30 seconds.
We don’t have plans to extend this approach and allow interactions after only some subset of the geometry is loaded. Shapespark stores the whole geometry combined into a small number of files (a single vertices, normals, faces, uv1, uv2 file for the whole model), loading parts of the geometry separately is not possible with this format.