Particle system, object interactions

I have a few questions about shapespark functions.
Do you plan to add some kind of particle system to shapespark? ( e.g. for snow, rain)
Does shapespark supports object interactions, e.g. for opening doors and windows ?
Can we add an info pop-up window in the 3Dspace?


We don’t have short term plans for particle systems.

Shapespark doesn’t support object interactions like opening doors or windows. However, the “Extensions” panel in the “Viewer” tab allows you to configure interactions like switching a view opening another website or an HTML pop-up when the user clicks an extension anchor (a sphere or sprite placed in the scene). You can find more info in this video tutorial: INTERACTIVE Walkthrough on the WEB | Shapespark for Sketchup - YouTube

The “HTML label” extensions allow to add pop-ups, but these pop-ups are HTML-based, so they are placed in a 2D layer over the scene, not in the 3D space.

Dzięki Wojtek
Do you plan to add objects’ interactions in the near future?

Best Greg

Hi Greg,

Unfortunately not, we don’t have short-term plans for objects’ interactions.