Pixelated shadows very low quality

I am working on a large project and wondering what could be done to help soften the shadows,

I am unable to reduce the scale of the project, however if there are techniques which might improve the output of this bake, I would be happy to understand these.


Can you send me a link to your scene so I can take a look and analyse what can be improved?
If your scene is not public yet you can send it to me in private message.

Thank you Magda,

I am unable to locate the private messaging, but will share the link here temporarily (it would be wise that this project was not public)


Thank you, I got it. I will get back to you after analyze.

I think I know whats is causing this issues. Your scene have very large objects. For example the ceiling that you have problems with. Please divide large objects into smaller ones (in 3d modeling program that you are using) so they will fit better on the lightmap. Also maybe increase number of lightmaps to 3 so it will fit the bake with this resolution. I hope this will solve the problems with your scene.

Magdalena thank you for your quick and helpful reply. I will try this, and in the meantime I will also remove the link to the model to preserve it’s privacy. Thanks