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Please help me to export the model from 3Ds max

Hey, guys, I’m new here on Shapespark.
I’m using SketchUp and some software.
In SketchUp, the Shapespark Plugin works well, it’s almost perfect.
But I got an issue in 3Ds Max. I finished the mapping on every element for days, and run the Shapespark plugin. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any textures in ShapeSpark Editor.
I’ve read some blogs but I can’t find the preferred answer.
Is it the only way to export FBX from 3Ds max first?
Then why this plugin for 3Ds Max is necessary?
Please help me.

What materials are you using in 3ds Max? The Shapespark exporter supports only Scanline and V-Ray materials. If you are using other material system, the material properties won’t be exported. You can find more information in the Export issues section of the Import a 3D model from 3ds Max help article.