Please Help. Terrible Shadows and noise

Hello, Im new to Shapespark so I dont know if the problem Im having is because of something Im doing wrong or thats just the way the software is.

After baking, Im getting some horrible shadows / lighting effects on surfaces, specially when there is low light and the surface is a color (maybe the textures hide it better).

The scene has a lot of spot lights (about 80 spotlights) and I get this effects:

This is a closet with low light. You can see the spotlight on the wood but the walls look weird.
Even on a well lit surface with several spotlights nearby you can see the noise altough it does not look as bad as the closet)

Please help. This is the scene:

Baked in Medium , 400 samples, 8 bounces, Max lightmaps 2, Flood dark limit: 0.1, Lightmap Resolution: 200 - However, when I baked the lights the software said it was going to automatically lower the lightmap resolution of different objects (rainging from 100 to 150) in order to fit it all in 2 light maps.

Because this room doesn’t have light sources, it is baked very dark and for such dark places the ‘flood dark’ step of the lightmap denoising algorithm produces such artifacts. You can fix this either by placing some light source in this room (more realistic), or enabling Ambient occlusion in the bake tab (less realistic).

Some other things that you could try to improve the result:

  • Decrease opacity of windows for the time of baking to some low value, like 0.05. This will let more sky light inside and help to produce more even lighting.
  • Stronger sky light (like 8 instead of 4) could also improve the lighting.
  • Weaker spot lights (for example 30 or 20 instead of 60) can also help.
  • For the final bake, use higher number of samples

Thanks for the reply.
I was already halfway baking again so I couldnt change exactly what you told me but It turns out I did something similar so it proved correct.

I set up the samples to 800, increased the light in the dark rooms, increased sky light, activated ambient occlusion and limited the bounding box of the light probes so they wouldnt overlap. It work about 95% success.

I guess if I reduced the spot light intensity would have been even better.