Please I need help, is this possible? add cart?


Is it possible to integrate a shopping cart into our virtual showroom? Here is the link:
Chair Seating Showroom. Thanks!

There is no general answer to that. It is of course possible to integrate a shopping cart. But there are many different approaches here. However, each approach requires some individual programming.

Since I see that you are already using parts of our individual code, you are welcome to ask me directly.

Thank you for your response.
To begin, my client is interested in implementing an “Add to Cart” feature. We plan to initiate this by testing it with a single chair. Potentially, we will eliminate the “Click to Request Quote” option and replace it with “Add to Cart.” Subsequently, users will be able to select multiple items to add to their cart.
Do you have any specific suggestions or recommendations regarding this approach? Your insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.