Pointlight is missing after baking

When i upload a project from sketchup it workes fine. When i add some point lights it is working.

(yes the place needs to go higher inside the downlight)

After some changing and tweaking i render again and then the point lighting is missing in each render.

After baking i only see the glow of the light and not the pointlight i need from my spotlight.

Can somebody help me?

When i exported to shapespark with sketchup and add one pointlight it is working. After some changing it disappeared.

This is what i need:

Generally lights in Shapespark only affect the lighting of the scene, they don’t add any geometry themselves. So if, for example you want to add a light bulb which emits light to your scene, then you have to add such an object in your 3D editor and then add lighting in Shapespark either by making the light-bulb material emissive or by adding a point light and by enabling ‘isolate shadows’ for the light bulb object.

You can read more about lighting in Shapespark here:

(especially points 2 and 3).

Thank you for your reply! Done that.

In my preview render i see the pointlight but when i bake i can’t see the pointlight (emissive bulb) when i walk around. Why is that?

this is inside the project:

thanks it is working now! Made a separate surface with his own texture. This texture is now emissive.

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