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Portable Devices


I tested my project on Ipad (safari) and smartphone (Google Chrome).
In safari the model opens, but the navigation is very slow, the chart serrated.
In Chrome, the metallic materials turn white.
I wonder if you can fix this.


Hi @Tiago,

Could you write which of your scenes scene is working slow on your iPad, and what iPad model you are using?

Android devices do not implement a WebGL extension that is used for rendering reflections, so currently when a scene is viewed on an Android phone/tablet all materials are rendered as diffuse. We are thinking of a workaround, but we do not have an ETA for it.

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Cozinha_diurna…iPad 2

It seems that iPad 2 has relatively weak GPU.

According to the GPU GFlops site the PowerVR SGX543 MP2 GPU used in iPad 2 has performance of only 16 GFlops, which is well below the current mainstream. For example, the PowerVR GT7600 used in the iPad 2017 model has 172.8 GFlops.

We are constantly introducing some improvements into our viewer engine to make it faster, but I think even with these improvements the performance of iPad 2 may be too low.

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Thank you. I’ll try another more current one.