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Presentation of art paintings with Shapespark
I hope you enjoy it.


Great work, thanks for sharing!

(I’ve fixed a link, it wasn’t clickable for some reason).

Great job @Vladan, nice…

Thank you!
It’s a bit unusual, but Shapespark has more uses.

If it is true @Vladan , it is unusual but it is a good idea, I tried to sell the same idea to a group of sculptors and painters here in CR and they did not understand me, maybe showing your work understand and be encouraged! By the way: how did you model the sculptures of marine animals? Are they copies of existing sculptures or are representations interpreted by you? Tell me a little about it please !, it can be by private message if you want

I got all the files from the artist, @jorgearq .

Usually the paintings adorn the walls. The walls here are just picture stands. There is no external wall and no one matters. No Sun, no Sky, only one lightmap for this space (resolution 34), around 300.000 polygons and lightweight for mobile displays. Attention is focused on the works of the artist, which is the essence of him and his visitors.
I believe you will succeed in your intentions @jorgearq , all artists want their galleries.


Thanks for sharing, @Vladan. Great work.

May I have a suggestion? If you added an #autoplay hash to the end of the scene address in the link, the scene would automatically load after the link is clicked (there would be no “play” button).

Thank you @wojtek , the suggestion is good, I am going to forward it to Mr Brendan.

Is there a possibility that the automatic tour off after one cycle? Something like this? Automatic_tour
I’m thinking of visitors who see the Shapespark presentation for the first time.

@Vladan, thanks for suggestion. I think we’d rather try to make it more apparent to the user that the scene is in the automatic tour mode, and how it can be switched to the walk mode.

@wojtek this has been a dilemma for us too, if #autoplay is present people think it’s a video and don’t interact, even if #help this asset. On the other hand, if #autoplay is not present, people think it is an image and do not interact either! :man_facepalming:t2:
I think by enabling the gyroscope this can be solved, people intuitively act on the image when moving with the gyroscope

@wojtek esto ha sido un dilema para nosotros también, si #autoplay está presente la gente cree que es un video y no interactua, incluso si #help esta activo. Por el otro lado, si #autoplay no está presente, la gente cree que es una imagen y tampoco interactua! :man_facepalming:t2:
Creo que habilitando el giroscopio esto se puede solventar, la gente intuitivamente actúa sobre la imagen cuando se mueve con el giroscopio!

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@jorgearq, thanks for the feedback. The gyroscope sounds like a nice addition and would help, but it wouldn’t solve the problem fully, because it wouldn’t apply to desktop computers and iOS mobile devices (iOS doesn’t allow websites to use gyroscope by default).

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Many WebGL experiences use a play symbol with ‘3D’ on top to make it clearer that it is not a video.

You are right @jan and a little initial movement side to side (FB for ejample) to indicate that is not only a photo.


Another work for the same artist.
It contains an interesting story that I want to share with you.