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Preview: meetings in Shapespark scenes

We would like to share a preview of meetings. To join a meeting enter: and pick some name:


You will be able to see where other meeting participants are in the 3D space. Also material picker choices are propagated to all the participants.

The first use case for such meetings could be a design review, where scene authors and their customers can open a scene together and exchange comments.

We also see an interest in virtual trade shows and showrooms that could allow for interactions between exhibitors and visitors. Such a use case is more challenging in terms of scalability and UX problems to solve, so the first version rather won’t support it, but we will be doing some experiments in this direction.

We are still not sure if the meetings should have direct support for audio and perhaps video conferencing or is it better to rely on external applications, such as Google Meet or Zoom.

Any comments are very welcome. Let us know if you see other use cases where such meetings could be useful and what features would you like to see supported.


This is great! Yes, there is an increasing demand for virtual meetings. And it looks like it’s going to take a long time.
Maybe the choice of cute avatars would be interesting?

Audio and video options would be a nice addition.

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This new feature is great. I’ve been working with events for almost 10 years and now our new demand has been the creation of hybrid and online events.
Of course, the tool needs an improvement. Maybe the picture or an avatar …
The option to interact with other users is always welcome at events. Events exist for that. A good addition would be to allow the possibility of login with Linkedin or Facebook so that the event participants can have a greater interaction that can give some result in real life.
I particularly believe that you shouldn’t be concerned with creating a chat tool, but using external tools as mentioned. So they can focus on other improvements in the Shapespark itself.
Right now we are trying to encourage more customers to go online while choosing the best tool for this.


This is so cool, very impressive!
How do we add this to our models, where do we get the key from?

For now we can enable meetings per account, if you are interested in testing with your scenes send us your username to When enabled, you will be able to create meetings at the dashboard.


Hi, I would like to test it. My username is “nishantambekar”

Hi @jan, this is really cool! Great to see Shapespark going into this direction. I believe adding chat, audio and video support inside Shapespark would be very beneficial making it an easy to use and complete tool. It would be much more convoluted with external tools added for communication. Very interested to test it in Na Niby Studio!

Thanks @jan !
I also want testing. For now, is the test only on Shapespark cloud or is it possible on self-hosting as well?

It is only on Shapespark cloud. The meetings won’t be available for self-hosting, because their require a custom backend.


Great news @jan, very interesting to test it in ALL360vr, send mail in a minute!

Thank you for your interest in testings. The accounts are now switched, so you should see meetings related functions. On the scenes list there is a new ‘people’ icon that creates a meetings:


And the meetings tab allows to see created meetings, get links to them and delete them:

A meeting works until it is deleted. You can have several separate meetings for the same scene. The last material picker configuration is saved within a meeting. If for example you open a meeting after your client, you will see the last material picker choice of the client.


very exciting!

@Jan, you can explore IrisVr ( they solved many thinks related to interact in this environment.

Some important things to take into considerations in the meeting are:

  1. a ¨call button¨ to forces all the participants to unite around the host.

  2. an iframe for one to see what the other participant are seeing

  3. being able to speak whit each other while presenting

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Hey Jan, would you be able to enable this feature for smartview-media as well please? I have a meeting on Wednesday with a commercial design company and this feature would be a massive bonus for getting them on board. :slight_smile:

@Random it is enabled, good luck with the meeting :slight_smile:

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Hola estoy interesado en esta utilidad. muchas! Gracias!

Woah, I only just noticed this topic! Please @jan could you add taikalyhty to the test team also? Needless to say this would rock our world. It is something around 90 % of our clients keep asking for.

Hello Shapespark Team,

Is it possible to edit the popup form asking to input “Display Name” and add visitors to input their contact details as well? (Like phone number and Email ID)

I think this would be a great feature so that the tour creator can collect leads and can host his/her virtual exhibition or expo on a large scale.

Hi Jan, other good example how to manage a group inside virtual spaces are google expeditions!
They have very simple and clever ways to show hot spots to everyone and do calls to see specific points. Pay attention to the way that they tracking the ponit of view for every single person inside the scene!

I hope you move forward with this, the people ask me a lot about it!

+1 This would be fantastic. I have been fancying a thought of giving expo guests the opportunity to create their own business cards (name, email, phone maybe) that they could then give the exhibitors by simply clicking a trigger on a exhibitors stand.