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Primavera - Expérience digitale de Leonardo Marcos

Last month, I worked on an interesting and beautiful project, specific scenography for displaying art photos.
I like how the whole website was finally done:



I really like the look and feel of not just the scene but also the website and how you’ve integrated everything with it so seamlessly. Entities like this should be the future of web sites. I can also see luxury products being sold in this manner with delicate product placement.

Thanks for sharing. The experiment made me smile :slight_smile:


Thanks @ville,
All photos were created by Leonardo Macros, some from the time when they were taken with a Polaroid camera.
Leonardo is also known in Paris for his performance events
Of course, the goal of this website is to sell photos, but it is done in Leonardo style.

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What a fabulous scene! Love the curved, mirrored wall :slight_smile:

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hey, what a great scene!

thank you for sharing!

I hope I don’t sound too rude, but ¿How did you make the text come out after going up and down stairs?

you just inspired me to keep working hard!

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Thanks @peepshowillustration,
Scenography made by ladies like you are always beautiful.
Tiphaine Moreaus signs this.

Thanks for the kind words @alan.
I used a Shapespark script (with a little modification). Titles are the names of the views, even if the views are hidden.

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Clear! Pleasant. It is a pleasure to walk through it!


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