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Problem Editing/Loading Scene


I am experiencing problems with a scene I am working on. First version the scene was doing ok until I closed and reopened, from then on the scene was unable to open again.

Given the problems I re-uploaded the file and did all lighting work, materials etc… Closed the file and when reopened I got a different error: scene failed to load, reload to retry

Basically I am kind of stuck and not really looking forward to try again and get caught in the middle of it again. Could you guys take a look?

PS: It is still an amazing software, keep up the good work!

Kind regards, Mateo

@mateuet, could you upload this scene to our hosting using the “Upload” button? There is one type of a scene corruption which a successful upload can fix. If it doesn’t help could you send the scene folder from Documents\Shapespark to (eg. via

Indeed it got solved uploading the file.Thanks for the response.

So now I got the other kind of error. Sent you the files via We transfer, can you please take a look?

kind regards, Mateo

@mateuet, do you recall the sequence of actions which led to this error?

To try fixing the scene, could you first make a copy in Documents\Shapespark (eg. scene to scene-backup), and then update the scene from the input 3D file (using the “Update” button of the editor)?

Let me know if it helped.

Hi Wojtek,

the same way it stopped working it started working again. Kind of strange but I am going to leave it like that for the moment. I believe it started changing materials in the material picker, but not sure 100%.

Kind regards,

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