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Problem with 3dsmax mesh

Hi everyone!
I am new to Shapespark. This is the first project I am working on it but here is some problem.

I am working my project with SketchUp and 3dsmax. SketchUp for modeling and visual and also 3ds for only interior such as chair, table…I imported the chair model from 3ds to SketchUp and you can see the problem from the picture: the mesh (model) of the chair’s seat got disappear - I have searched for many time from the forum and seem like there is no answer about this. Please help! Thank you.

Hi @Kal_006, I guess you have flipped normals on the poligons in your mesh. 3dsmax by default doesn’t show it in the viewport but Shapespark culls backfaces. You can enable backface culling in object properties in 3dsmax. That way it would be easier to fix it before exporting to Sketchup.


Thank you, it worked

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