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Problem with a top view render

As you can see in the photos below, we have a problem that we did not have before. We tried to re-bake it, but it didn’t work.
As we know, Shapespark make all of your ‘cutted’ wall black, when you make a top view. But this time it seems there is a problem with that and it is not working quite right. Please check the right wall in the photos we have uploaded, where there is a black and white pattern.
I would appreciate if you could share your best experience and/or the solution, if it’s not the paint with a different color.
Thanks in advance!

Hi, Shapespark doesn’t have any dedicated mechanism for making the cuts black. The cuts are usually black because there is no light reaching them during the lightmap baking. In this case there is likely some small gap in the geometry that causes some outside light to reach the cuts and the light is further smeared by the lightmap de-nosing step.

The solution can be to either close this small gap in geometry, or use a separate object for the cuts and assign lightmap resolution 0 to such object in the Objects tab so it doesn’t receive any light.


Thank you very much for this response

If you separate the top of the walls as a separate object, you can assign it the color you want (black, gray…).
Leave it without baking (resolution 0)