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Problem with floor material

I have a problem with my tiles. All tiles on the floor and the walls use the same material. But on the floor, it looks too bright. I thought it might be a problem with reflections but I deleted the reflection spheres without any difference. Also, I extend the floor into the walls and added a box below it in case there is some striving light illuminating the room. I tested different light setups in case floor and walls receive a different amount of light. But there is no improvement. The strange thing is that in the floor below I don’t have this problem.

This is the scene: Bathrooms

Maybe someone has a good idea how to solve it?

hi @tim

The wall and the floor material brightness look ok to me?

I just found the reason. There still was a light probe outside the walls and some parts where overlapping into the room. They brought the bright light to the floor.

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Hi @laidem
In the WC it is okay. But if you enter the two other rooms you can see it was wrong.

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