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Problem with video texture: different view in PC or mobile phone

I need to solve this problem urgently: a video is observed well in PC but in the mobile it is turned, I have tried to correct it by loading the texture from scratch but it has not been solved, what can I do?

this is the scene

From PC

From Mobile

Interesting, I see it also turned on desktop and when open directly via mplayer, but not when open directly as a link in a browser:
We haven’t encounter such issue so far, but I suspect the file may lack some metadata information about the correct rotation and the viewers may be guessing how to rotate it.

For now we are recording another video with a different format, one that has not given us any problems. Let’s try that other format and forget the previous one.
Thank you Jan

Looks like it is a common problem, mobile phones add meta information about rotation to recorded videos which only some players and browsers support.

I was able to strip this meta information from your video with ffmpeg program and it is now rotated correctly:

ffmpeg -i video_for_welcome_screen_in_registration.mp4 -metadata:s:v rotate=“0” video_for_welcome_screen_in_registration_no_rotation.mp4

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