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Problem with videos when I change tab in browser

I have the problem that when I change the browser tab (chrome) from the shapespark page to another webpage, and return to shapespark, some videos that are in a loop are paused. How can i fix this?
Thank you

Thanks for the report.

This is caused by Chrome pausing videos when it detects that the website becomes invisible (for example another browser tab is active). What puzzles me is that it pauses just some videos.

We are investigating how we can best approach this issue.

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How can I restart all the videos with some action after I return to the shapespark tab? (to have a transitory action until they resolve it)

Unfortunately, we are not aware of any action that could restart the videos, but we’re working on fixing the issue.

@roiu10, we’ve deployed a fix for the issue. Let us know if your scene is working OK now.


Thank you very much, I still could not test it, as soon as I do, I will let you know! Greetings, Pablo

I’m still having the same problem

@roiu10, is it for a scene on our hosting, or a self-hosted one?

Hello how are you? I am using a self-hosted

I see. We have fixed the issue in the Shapespark viewer but the new version has been deployed only on our infrastructure so far. The Shapespark desktop application that you use for bundling has an older viewer version, not yet containing the fix. The new viewer will be included in the next desktop application release planned for next week. Then, when you re-bundle your scene, the issue should disappear.

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@roiu10, we have rolled out a new version. Could you re-bundle your scene and check if the self-hosted version works well in Chrome?

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Now if it works perfect. Thank you very much

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