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Problems after 2.3.1

Hi. We keep running into some problems since the last update:

  • Can’t delete views: they disappear in the editor but not in the uploaded version
  • Adding a view sometimes drops all triggers from the assigned objects
  • Modifying triggers sometimes breaks them
  • Can’t assign a trigger to an image in certain scenes

I opened the console in a problematic scene and it says “Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT”

Thanks for the report. We’re investigating the issues.

Right. We have a fix for this one.

We are not able to reproduce it. Could you point us to a scene for which it happens, and which triggers are affected?

Do you mean that the trigger position is lost, like described here: Change trigger color/opacity needs always set new position V2.3.1 ?

Do you mean it’s not possible to assign an Object type trigger to some surface with a texture?

This issue sounds like it’s related to a particular scene. Could you share the scene with us, and point us which surface it is?

Ok thanks.

The problem in adding a view and having trigger assignation drops seemed to occur in a few scenes but mostly here: It seems to be working ok now after re-importing from Sketchup.

The breaking triggers seems to happen to some that were added before the update and it occurs when for example modifying the size of a normal sphere / sprite. Everything works ok but once uploaded nothing happens when it’s clicked (after the modification).

In this scene I added a “open URL” trigger to an image of a trophy (material name “trophy”) hidden behind the house plants on the back-left corner behind the lady. Everything worked normal but the content simply would not open. The scene is part of an ongoing event so I had added a normal trigger on top of it which works nicely:

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Thanks for the description!

There is a possibility that this issue isn’t related to the recent Shapespark update or adding a view. Could it have been the case that object names have changed in SketchUp at some point? Triggers of object type assume that the name of the SketchUp object doesn’t change when the scene is updated. A good practice is to make a SketchUp component (or group) for the object that is going to be used as a trigger in Shapespark, and specify your own name for each such SketchUp component.

We cannot reproduce it on our end. We have added numerous extension editor fixes in the upcoming bugfix release, so this issue might be already gone.

The trophy object has collisions disabled (in the “Objects” tab), which prevents mouse clicks from being detected. If you enable collisions, the trophy will act as a trigger again.

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Thanks for the fix and advice. Yeah the problems might very well be on our end since I’ve employed more modelers lately and these sound very plausible. The problems just seemed to peak right after the update - I’ll let you know if we run into them again.

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