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Progressive loader events


I was just wondering if there were any events emitted by the progressive loader (when it starts/ends)?

Would like to try to notify the users that they are interacting with an incomplete scene when the progressive loader starts (I know there is a progress bar in the top, but some people fail to see/understand what it indicates :sweat_smile:)

Progressive loader is active between Viewer.onSceneReadyToDisplay() and Viewer.onSceneLoadComplete() events:

In case the scene loads fast, progressive loader is not activated but these two events are still delivered. Perhaps you could start a timer in onSceneReadyToDisplay and if onSceneLoadComplete does not run within, say, 1 second, show the notification to the user.

You likely already know this, but progressive loader can be also disabled in the editor Viewer tab.

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That would work :+1:

Yes I know that it’s possible to disable it. Already did that once when some users got a little confused when you were able to interact with an “unloaded” scene :stuck_out_tongue: But I was contemplating on bringing it back along with a notification. It just depends on what we end up prioritizing, “time to interact” or fidelity.