Projects only localy on one machine?


I am running the trial version and before buying I would like to understand some things.

Am I right, that a project only exists on the machine it was created?
Or is there a way of opening a project file on another machine?
I am working on multiple PCs at my desk to share rendering performance and would like to be able to be more flexible.
More specifically:
While I am doing the baking mainly at my desktop PC I would like to be able to edit the Scene when leaving my office on my notebook. And then open it again on the desktop.

Thanks in advance


I changed the location of the projects to my dropbox, and the config file on both machines to the same path. so now it looks like I can work on any machine.

Thanks again

This should work, but be very careful not to edit a scene simultaneously on two machines, as it could lead to breaking the scene.

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