Quality of texture in shapespark lower than C4D

I have a problem uploading from C4D to Shapespark.
The quality of the garment has been significantly reduced
Example the image below:

Please help me to improve this issue
(NOTE: The texture in the furniture is still fine)

Have you tried disabling GPU compressed formats and Auto scale resolution for this texture, as described in: https://help.shapespark.com/hc/en-us/articles/5132314507793-How-to-control-the-quality-of-textures?

I did more tests but in most cases, the quality on shapespark is very far from C4D (even though it’s the same 2k map size).
I feel the map size on shapespark is only 1k or even lower. Please let me know if there is any more way to improve this

Could you share a link to the uploaded scene, so we took a closer look at the issue? If the scene is not public, please share the link via PM.