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Question regarding HTTP2

Hello @jan & @wojtek ,

Why is it that critical assets like lightmap start to load late even when Shapespark servers are on H2 protocols ? With H2 protocal, all assets should load at the same time, isn’t it ?

Can you please give clarity here…

Hi @nishantambekar. We use HTTP2 protocol. If you would like the scene to start only after all assets are loaded, you can disable Progressive loader checkbox in the Viewer tab.

Hello @jan,

I wanted to know why is the loading pattern of Shapespark scenes in a way where lightmap file loads last, even when the server is using HTTP2 protocol. It should happen that all files are loaded at the same time, isn’t it ?

@nishantambekar lightmap is the largest resource and the only that requires loading of large UV1 geometry buffer, so in progressive loader it is loaded almost last (but before for example roughness and bump texture), so the user can start interacting with the scene quicker.

Thank you for the explanation. Is it possible to load lightmap early by changing some loading parameters ?

Yes, with the following setting in the body-end.html:


Lightmap will load after geometry buffers, but before all other textures. You can’t load lightmap before geometry buffers, because geometry buffers are essential to render anything.

Thanks a lot @jan. Your help is always much appreciated.