Question regarding "UV projection failed" error


I just had a quick question regarding the Bake failed: UV projection failed error. I’ve got a very big scene (Skuiholtet by Opphus), and when trying to bake it with 2 lightmaps I get the error, even when I reduce lightmap resolution to 1. When I change max lightmaps to 3, everything is fine.

I’ve had another model with an even higher triangle count that I’ve been able to bake into 2 lightmaps, so that can’t be the issue? Is it the size of the meshes in the scene that are to big?

I’m not responsible for the 3D-modeling part so I’m just trying to gather some info for feedback to the architect :sweat_smile:

The plants geometry in this scene is complex. I’m able to bake the scene into two lightmaps with resolution 10 after setting Custom lightmap resolution to 0 for the following 2 types of objects:

This Evermotion Hekk has 152 instance each with 43308 triangles, so 6536000 triangles in total. If you could replace the plants with some low poly versions it would help greatly with performance. For example we have made the following low-poly plants available for anyone to use: GitHub - shapespark/shapespark-assets

We’ve looked into utilizing the low-poly asset lib, but we were unable to figure out how to import them into Revit. Discussed in this post (and the previous one in the same thread): Shapespark assets - #4 by kamil

Is there any new knowledge regarding this challenge?

Ah right, we still don’t have a good solution for importing these assets to Revit, but we will be checking available options.