Questions about lights and emissives

I have a question regarding lighting and emissives.

When importing from a specific modeling software to shapespark,
Is there a setting in the name of the object or the name of the material that automatically makes it emissive?

If so, please let me know what names or conditions I need to give to make it automatically glow.

If it is an error or some other factor that is causing it to fire, please let us know,
If the emission is due to an error or some other reason, please let me know how to cancel the emission all together with a script or command.
I may cancel all of the materials and then return some of them to glow.

Similarly, if there is a script or command to set all materials doubleside, etc., please let me know.
After all the materials are canceled, some of them may be canceled.

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There is no setting in Shapespark that allows a material to become emissive based only on its name. If you wish to disable this setting for all materials in your scene, simply select the first material on the list, then while holding down Shift, select the last material to select all materials. You can change both the double-sided and emissive values for all materials at once. You can select multiple materials from the list or directly from the viewer.

I have checked the answers.
Thank you for answering my question.

I will try to de-emissive all emissives with multiple selections of material.

Similarly, I wanted to set all materials to double sided when importing into shapespark.

I will ask more questions if you have any further questions.
Thank you.