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Questions about the JavaScript API


Read this article and have more questions.

・ API to display the node

Is it possible to get the log of this node?
(No distance from the camera is required. I want to know what parts, where and how many times they were clicked)

At that time, links such as text banners (jumps to product introduction sites) and theories
Displaying bright images (
Is it possible to raise an event (such as / #autoplay)?

For example, when you click on a sofa, you want to display a link to an EC site, a video explaining durability, and a still image of color variations.

・Texture picker

This is a demo of carpet only, but it is possible to change multiple places (wallpaper, door)
Is it?

We are marketing.
We are trying to find added value by adding various functions.

Thank you.

We are waiting for an answer on this topic.

Thank you.

The log of the clicks can be collected by your extension code. You can also change material of any objects with the JavaScript API. But if you don’t have JavaScript expertise, Shapespark built-in functions would be a better choice. Shapespark has a built in material picker and HTML Label extension (configured in the Viewer tab). That can be used without any JavaScript programming. HTML Label will allow you to open a popup when an object in the scene is clicked.