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Quickly re-using models

I have many architecture scenes which use the same furniture. I don’t want to have to set up materials (reflection) each time I use the furniture models in a new scene.

Is there a place I can store models for re-use after I’ve set up the materials within shapespark? Like a model library for example which allows me to drag and drop. Or better still, could you make the software remember object names, so that previously imported objects automatically get assigned the same material as previous shapespark scenes.

You could copy and rename the Shapespark folder with the materials you already set up and then use a scene in Sketchup/Max where these materials/models are used. When you export your new scene you need to select the “Update an existing scene” option and set the name of the Shapespark folder/scene you copied before.

You also can create a scene with several surfaces and materials as a template in Sketchup/Max and a corresponding scene in Shapespark .


Hi @tim, can you explain a bit more this “material folder copy and reload” thing :thinking:. That will by very helpful to save time and effort!! It will be very nice if you can put some procedure images :ok_hand:t3:


I will try.

One thing I need to mention first. Please do not user uppercase to name your scenes. In this examples I did it to make it better readable. But Shapespark will give you an error if you use uppercase.

If you use Sketchup:




If you use FBX import:
Step 1 and 2 are the same. Prepare the Template scene in you 3D software and import it into a new scene. Copy that scene, rename it and put it back to the Shapespark folder. Inside Shapespark this folder will appear and you can choose the update function there to select the new model.

I hope this makes things more clear.


Thanks @tim, this help me a lot!
Well done explain it and very short. Excellent.
I’m not in my computer right now But tomorrow I will check, make a exercise and share the results.

That pleases me! :blush:

Thanks Tim,

That’s very clever and time saving :+1::grinning: