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Rare behavior written data in rgb color window

I tried to wrote numbers in R G B color window to set up the exact color between multiple spheres trigger of the extensions but always the software not recognize the exact number. I need to select and write one by one digit every time, this is a bug?

@jorgearq, thanks for the report.

Yes, it’s a bug. We’ve already fixed it - the fix will be included in the next release.

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Hi @wojtek, I still have same issue! Did you fixed in last release?!?

I would like to see in the next release the RGB of 0-255 instead of 0-1

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I still have same problem! Did you fixed?

@jorgearq, it looks like a different issue that we’ve fixed. In this case, the RGB inputs don’t allow to enter arbitrary value in [0, 1] range with three digits of precision (for example, when you enter 0.123 the input changes it into 0.122). We’ll be looking into it.