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Re Import Bundle


We’ve got a bundled tour that we’ve deleted from our local Shapespark folder, just curious if it’s possible to reimport the bundle back into the Shapespark editor.

I’ve played around with putting it back in to the documents folder and moving a few files around to see if I can get it to work but no luck.



I looks like the previous answer to this question got lost somehow: File Delete and restore HOW?
If you uploaded this scene to Shapespark hosting, please send us the scene name, otherwise, send us the bundle and we will try to restore it.

Hi Jan,

Thank you but it’s not that urgent that I need to waste your time with it. Happy to redo the work as it’s only quick, this was just more of a test for it it happens with one we really need to edit in the future.


The best way is to backup your Documents\Shapespark locally or using some cloud backup service or just DropBox.

Restoring from uploaded version is not a big task, so if you have such need it is won’t be a problem for us.

Eventually we would like to add a way for a Shapespark editor to be able to download uploaded scenes back to local machine.