Real scale in VR experience

Hi @wojtek and @jan.
(Some time out of the scene, I’m back!)
A client need to check the design and proportions in the early stage of the process. We have reviewed shapespark models with VR headsets but we noticed that not all of them have the same scale and some even look like Barbie doll houses. We feel like we are walking in environments a little smaller than reality!

Is there a way to modify the scale of the models? How can I adjust the size of the model to be closer to reality? @krzysztof Do you know about this?

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Well, it’s not just me then. Following.

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Hi @jorgearq @EZO

If a VR headset provides height information, this information will be used to automatically adjust camera height above the floor when using “auto climb” feature. Any options set in editor regarding camera height will be overridden by VR headset height information.

Do you use “auto climb” feature in some of your scenes that seem to be out of scale?