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Recorded Cinematic movement controls feature?

Hey Guys

Animation link :

So while i was searching for faster ways to create awesome interior cinematics like UE4 i found myself thinking about how cool or practical it would be if shapespark created cinematic movement controls that you could use to make animations of your baked scenes!

Well i went to the shapespark homepage and opened one of the scenes and proceeded to screen record myself moving around the scene, then saved each of those movements as separate videos in HD quality using the Nvidia Geforce Experience. I then used a video editor to put together all the good movements i recorded and 1hr later i had a pretty descent animation. I did have to slow down the speed of the movements by at least 50% in my video editor.

The quality could probably be better if i used an offline scene but i can’t confirm that though as i haven’t tried that yet. I’m not sure what was wrong with the stove on one of the shots i took, reflection was so strong it was just white.

Check out my animation and let me know what you guys think!

Animation link :


This is the same way how we record our videos. For Screenrecoding we use Captura.
However, I must admit that our transitions are not as elegant as yours :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello, I also use Nvidia Geforce Experience screen recording!, Make sure you set it to record on 60fps. I think a browser limits the frames so you would have a better product if you record from the Shapespark app, when you lower the speed by 50 percent.

That said, this is cumbersome and this is a very needed feature for us, it would be great to see it implemented.

It could be something like this, create camera paths the same way we create Views (2 would be needed) then set the speed of travel betweet each of them would be great. Also set the fps for the final mp4 file. so we can use 24, 25 or 30, even 60. And custom resolution and field of view per path override would be great as well.

Just throwing it out there.



nicely done! only the stuttering is a bit disturbing

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Nice work!

I tried this with an interior scene using the editor and OBS screen capture and got ‘ok’ results.

I use Twinmotion and UE4 for various animated projects and find TM frustration at times as there is not enough control over the camera because the interpolation is controlled by the software using a calculation of camera position and video clip length. (Also no curve control for dynamic movements)

UE4 has much more control over camera position, rotation and can be aligned to splines / rails.
I would imagine even if this was implemented any control in Shapespark would be similar to TM without a lot of work

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Hi @Lungelo_Cele1, perhaps this type of setting could be used to achieve the kinematic movements you are looking for.

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Wow really!? Thanks for the compliment :smiley:

@jorgearq Thank you so much for this information!

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Hi @loetzsch, thank you i appreciate you taking the time to check it out! i agree stuttering could have been better

Hi @njay Thank you for checking it out and for the kind words!

yeah i agree with you 100%, my main issue with UE4 is time it takes to capture a full high resolution animation. I normally render still images with 3dsmax and Vray and even there i have no desire rendering a whole animation from 3Dsmax, it’s just too time consuming even though the results can be really awesome.

I will continue experimenting with this shapespark technique and I’m sure even better results can be achieved!

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Hi @Multitaskr_JMoney thanks for checking out my animation!

Those are really cool suggestions!!! It really makes perfect sense and i agree create a path for the animation by creating 2 camera points is an awesome idea! @tim please consider! :smiley:

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great idea to change the speed of teleport movement!!


@mateusz please move this to ideas