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Reflecting floor problem

Hi Im new to ShapeSpark, and playing around to start with. Some of my new scenes the foor was fine and reflective, but suddenly I can’t seem to get the whole floor to be reflective. Only one door is seen in the reflection in the floor.

After bacing, I can see, that there are a Light Probe in every room.

Hi @Helborg, welcome to the community.

One object is assigned only one light probe (the closest light probe from which the object is visible).

So, if your floor is a single object then it uses only one light probe for image-based reflections, even though you have more light probes in the scene. You can try splitting floor into multiple objects - one object per room, however it may lead to visible seams on object boundaries. Unfortunately, there is no fix for such seams until the engine supports blending multiple light probe images.

Ok thanks I will try that :slight_smile:

It worked very well :slight_smile::+1:t2: