Reflection on black celing is blue fi I put any reflection in the material

Can you please help me to figure out why part of the celing in my scene is reflecting blue??
I leave here one print screen with the problem

Also the link to the scene:

Thank you!

The blue color is due to the sky color. For low roughness values light probe image used for reflection is blurred, in this blurring process sky is considered stronger than surrounding objects (walls, floor), so the sky color contributes the most to the reflection color at low roughness values.

I experimented a bit with your settings. If you remove a lightprobe closest to large windows:

The blue tint becomes weaker, because other light probes do not capture as much sky light, but it is still visible. Unfortunately, the only approach that fully removes the tint is to set the walls roughness to 1.0.

Thank you,
I removed the roughnes.:slight_smile: