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Reflections on android devices

When you try to view highly reflective objects such as mirrors and shiny metal on an android smartphone, these objects will render as entirely white or opaque.

I noticed this issue on the Samsung Galaxy range of smartphones.

On Apple devices: iphones, Ipads etc reflections seem to work fine.

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue?

Also like to note that this issue affects both the Chrome and Firefox browsers. Could it be OS specific?

@NewHomeMedia, unfortunately the reflections on Android are not yet supported. For the explanation please see this post in another thread.

Just for the record, we’ve just released a Shapespark version that adds reflections on Android devices.

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Hey @jan

This is AWESOME!!! Still making some tests…i think its that solution that you talked us about ??..not the perfect one…but it works great!!! Still need to do some more testing… but yeahhhhhhhh cooollll No more white material in my chrome or really shinny materials right?! :slight_smile: mirrors i think will be really blurry on android no?

Hey @Jan

Im really really happy with the results so far!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: this was a piece of the software that was missing and now it finally seems to be more viable to show to more clients!!! Ive checked the mirrors in android and they are kind of blurry…is this a sideeffect of the quick fix for the reflections on android?! Anyway i really dont mind since it was such a quick fix for it, and results for now are quite good :slight_smile: yeahhhh good works guys :slight_smile:

also there are some diferences on the reflections from internet explorer and google chrome…although not crucial at all…and im really happy for this update…hope in the future these small things can be improved…



Thank you @iarchviz. Yes, this is the not-perfect solution. The reflection are the same on all devices for materials that use single values for roughness and metallic, but will differ on IE and Android for materials that have roughness or metallic maps. We will introduce some additional logic to minimize these differences.

The blurry mirrors are not-related to this issue. On desktops Shapespark uses cubemap textures with maximum resolution of 512x512. To save GPU memory on mobile the maximum cubmap texture resolution is limited to 128x128. This results in blury reflections on mobile.