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Release 1.6.2 Questions

Thanks for this addition. I think it is a big +. Now (isn’t there always a now), I would like to see these two things in a future release:

  • The ability to use my own icons or an bigger list :slightly_smiling_face:
  • When viewing the scene, I would like for the cursor to change when you hover the icon (like it does when you move your mouse over a scene name). I think it needs to be obvious to a viewer that the icon is clickable.

Not sure I understand what you are saying here. Can you give me some indication of how to see this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Previously the informational or error messages (eg. “Bake failed”) from the editor were displayed as simple message dialog pop-ups in the center of the screen. Now, such messages have boxes that stack from top to bottom of the screen, and the color depends of the message type (eg. blue for information, red for error).

The simplest way to see a stack of such messages is to save a few screenshots (P key) one after another.