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Remote parallel collaboration on 3D model and scene


we’re trying to set up our work process between the architects who develop the Revit 3D model, and our people who will do the scene editing in Shapespark. We are not in the same organisation and not in the same location, so we can only share files via Dropbox/OneDrive or similar.

Ideally we would like to work on both the 3D model and the scene in parallel, but we are not sure how to sync this between locations. Can this be done, and if so, how?

The Shapespark scenes are located in the Documents\Shapespark folder by default. This can be changed as described in Change default folder location - #2 by jan To transfer a scene between computers you need to transfer its folder.

You could potentially use a folder which is synced automatically with the cloud (eg. a Dropbox folder) to keep scenes. However, it’s very important not to modify a shared scene folder from two computers at the same time because it will lead to scene corruption.

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Thank you for the quick reply!

We’ve played around with this abit, and as long as we only change the 3D model in one location, and only the Shapespark scene in the other location (which is what we plan to do), we don’t seem to get into trouble. We’re at a proof of concept stage for now and this is OK, but it might not be a solid solution for a stable long term solution.

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I forgot to write that for one-way scene transfer you can also use the “Download” function if you have a team account set up. If team member A uploads scene to the main account B of the team, then user B can use the “Download” action at to download the scene directly to her/his local Shapespark installation.