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Render/Baker failed


I’m trying to work an external scene in shapespark, but whenever I try to preview or bake the scene, it returns an error message. When I disable ambient occlusion, the preview completes but goes all black. The file is big and it’s an external scene. Simple scenes work perfectly. Another thing that is also happening in this scene is the editor window with delay in the commands… Can someone help me?

It sounds that this scene might be very large also in the triangle count. How many triangles are reported at the bottom of the Objects tab? Are there any high-poly plants that you could replace with simpler low-poly alternatives?

The scene is big, it has nineteen million, three hundred something thousand triangles. Trees are already low poly. Does the fact that it’s a big scene mean that Shapespark won’t be able to render the scene?
I even managed to render in low quality, but it doesn’t always finish. In this particular scene the editor is also very slow, I have another scene with more than 40 million triangles and the editor responds faster than this one.

Poor editor responsiveness most likely means there is a lot of objects in the scene. Looking at the screenshot it might be the leaves that contribute to the high number of objects.

The lightmap baker should be able to handle 19.3M triangles (but in general it’s a very high number as for browser-based visualization). Could you share the scene with us for analysis? (eg. by sending a private message with a link)