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Render in real time

@wojtek, Just sharing

The problem here is, at least as I understand, that you can only share a remote session whit your access data. It is not possible for somebody to start a session on their own.
It’s great that you can share photo real content but it will always be a “private” session.

Thank you for sharing this. We encountered couple of companies/products that take this approach: generate 3D content on the server and stream to the client. There are some non-trivial challenges with this, the main one is that you need to use costly cloud GPUs for each client that connects, so for example if you have 100 clients interacting with the scene simultaneously, you need to reserve GPUs and RAM for them. The other problem is latency, you need to have streaming servers close to the client for the 3D experience to be smooth.

There are also nice advantages: you don’t need to worry about scenes being too large, which is especially nice for mobile devices. The time to the first rendered frame can be much shorter, because the client doesn’t need to download heavy assets to start the 3D experience.

It would be interesting to test how bandwidth usage differs between these two approaches. My intuition is that downloading the 3D model + lightmaps uses less bandwith than streaming the 3D experience in good quality.

My pleasure @jan. I want to share this one too I think this tecnology anwer some of your question about numbers of clients at same time and the powers of GPUs and RAM in it.

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This is really impressive…