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Rendering issue


i made a scene and baked it with lighting… it render perfectly but only till 7’ height… above that i see black patches and light leeks… plz see screenshot.

Maybe your light probe is not filling out the full room height?

The reason for visible seams on the the walls is that the walls are built from multiple objects, and each object is denoised separately.

The best solution for the issue is merging the wall objects into one. An alternative is to use a higher number of samples for the bake, because the “raw” (yet to be denoised) lightmap would be less noisy, and the denoising would produce smoother transitions between objects.

Light leaks
The light leaks seem to be caused by light sources placed on the object surface, which makes them emit light in both direction of the surface (including “inside” the wall). Could you move the LED emitters a bit up, and the spot lights a bit down from the ceiling?