Repeating texture

hello guys

i try to fit my texture and i dont know my marble dont repeat correctly

on the right the themis goddes repeat is good

of course i personnaly made the uv of the marble i try repeat

to be sure i tried on my 3d software

Perhaps the model uses some UV modifier which is not handled correctly by the exporter. What 3D modeling program do you use and are you aware of any non-standard uv-mapping operation used on the marble which is not used on other textures and that could cause the problem?

i use maya

the uv is pretty simple it take all the square

i scale manually after

i do not use uv modifier ill try to delete the history of this geometry
( done and wasnt that )

opened in new project

and it works with the same fbx

but i cant redo all lights i spend hours to place it

i reply myself if someone have the same issue

1 duplicate it
2 supress the other
3 create new shader(with new name) and reimport

fixed it XD

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Thanks for posting the solution :slight_smile: